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  • THfabricTG supports groups of female in Thailand rural area across country to have more income from creating Thai fabric to us after plantation season | We delight when they smile
  • 3% of THfabricTG profit will be supported local child aid foundation and 10% from our world class marketplaces ebay will be paid for charity 
  • Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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ABOUT THfabricTG | Commitment, Sharing Story & Our Products

THfabricTG commitment

THfabricTG | Tawin Takho, floral part was designed times ago but its pattern has never out of time

■ Times a go, Thai silk or thai silk fabric product can be seen every where around our village. At that time, no idea how difficult it is to finish just only one set of local fabric. Today, there are many chances to visit groups of Thai female who live with local Thai fabric production even the items could be found in may fabric online shop. 

■ Now, it is time to show the world on Thai fabric products from around the country, how elegant and how unique they are via our online fabric store via our official THfabricTG Blog

Story Sharing | THfabricTG WordPress BLOG

The old style of tool to create Sarong from silk without any electronic machines

■ Do you know  100% Thai silk Sarong? If not, THfabricTG Experts could sit and chat with you via THfabricTG WordPress Blog site and provide more information of our item like;

  • Like other Thai silk or Thai silk fabric products, Sarong made from cotton or 100% silk can tell Thai Esan Life style in the past very well. As it has its own uniuque pattern and colour, Sarong is always picked as a special gift  to Thai people' s beloves. 
  • For Sarong that made from 100% silk, it is not just only tell Thai Esan luxury Life style but also the uniuque pattern and colour encuraging Sarong as the best chioce for giving to the senior people and belove ones. 
  • With our WordPress Official Blog, THfabricTG team offer space for you to share knowledge and ideas with our experts and people around the world 

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The most eligant THfabricTG handmade thai fabric, on of "pink Mee-Tum" set, Mee Tum Yai

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