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THfabricTG - Thai Fabric Tiger

■ Times a go, Thai silk or thai silk fabric product can be seen every where around our village. At that time, no idea how difficult it is to finish just only one set of local fabric. Today, there are many chances to visit groups of Thai female who live with local Thai fabric production even the items could be found in may fabric online shop. 

■ Now, it is time to show the world on Thai fabric products from around the country, how elegant and how unique they are via our online fabric store via our official THfabricTG Blog

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The old style of tool to create Sarong from silk without any electronic machines

■ Do you know  100% Thai silk Sarong? If not, THfabricTG Experts could sit and chat with you here either via our THfabricTG Website or WordPress Blog site and provide more information of our other items

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The most eligant THfabricTG handmade thai fabric, on of "pink Mee-Tum" set, Mee Tum Yai

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Product name - "Ben-cha-rong"


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This is the most eligant product from Esan ethic group, Phu-Thai in Kalasin, Thailand. High skill on mudmee and dye stainning techniques are needed in order to create fives colours on the product - so unique pattern and elegant for sure


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Product name - "Kap-Baad"


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The unique pattern of Kap-Baad is Simple with white in there but not that make so simple via naked eye at all. Instead, combination of imagination and creation from the pattern creator in the past, generated this butterflies plus flowers pattern with very well harmonization (along with the silk lines, colours and appropriate size of each pattern head)


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Product name - "Mee-Tum-Yai"


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This is also one of the most eligant product with also has the bright pink colour. This is the younger sister of "pink Mee-Tum" set. Like "Mee-Tum-Lek", this product can be shoned bright even in the low light condition which is the hightlight feather of "pink Mee-Tum" silk fabric family


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Product name - "100% Silk Sarong"


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Sarong made from 100% silk tells Thai Esan Life style and its uniuque pattern. To be gift for giving to your beloves

THfabricTG SIGNATURE | THfabricTG Youtube Channel

Check out this great video, Thai mudmee silk fabric - "Ben-cha-rong" | THfabricTG SIGNATURE ITEM, 100% Silk Handmade Thai Fabric from local female group in Northeast part of Thailand. For more information, find the fabric online and also in our Online Fabric Store



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